Wednesday, October 8, 2008

unofficial augury

Well...the "initiatory" gathering* of the Triangle Chapter of Drink and Draw kicked off last night (8/7/08).
Artists gathered around the Humble Pie table were Adam Cohen, Paul Friedrich, Duane Powell, Eric Knisley, Jason Whitley, Adam Capps, and yours truly.

A delightful meeting if I must say so myself...It felt fantastic to mingle (and mark) with these guys. We all were able to swap stories and drawings at the same time. Adam Capps and I arrived 1st. One of the gang had called ahead and reserved a table, so we sat outside in the courtyard. Adam Cohen came shortly after, followed by Eric and Duane. Paul moseyed over from the design box and Jason arrived last.

Of course we drew but the evening was scattered with chatter...some of the topics stemmed around what everyone was currently involved with...professionally mostly, but esoteric endeavors also were woven into the fabric. We chatted about our favorite artists, and musicians too, but with the 2nd presidential debate brewing that night...well, we all had to throw out opinions...this was destined to happen with a political cartoonist amongst us, right.

Eric passed around his accordion-type very impressive, but he even took that up a notch with his joint venture with exquisite corpse accordion-type sketchbook. Apparently the two of them have started this intriguing dual/duet drawing experiment...fill a page with a refined sketch, leave just a bit overlapping on the following page, and pass it to the art opponent/compadre. The previous pages are bound to prevent peaking...the graphic "story" continues without a preconceived notion...therefore keeping the surrealist game intact. Eric mentioned getting more of us into the fold...I think we all volunteered. I can't wait to jump onto this train.
Several others passed around sketchbooks, too. Adam let me see one of his latest paintings via his i-Phone. Such a cool exchange...this is what this type of gathering is all about!

Of course, we also passed around communal sketches as well....this was a big part of why we came. Someone devised the idea to create a comic page...we all added panels to a comic "stripped" page...we also tried our own Exquisite Corpse...although I never did see the results. I scooped up a few sketches, and I will post them here ASAP. Eric took some snapshots, so perhaps he can post a few of them likewise.

I left the group while they were still swigging and doodling; I can't wait till the next gathering.
We mentioned doing this once a month...the first Tuesday of each month should be the if this holds true the next gig will take place on the 11th of November...(the 4th is election day....probably not a good day to be down town). Humble Pie seems like a cool place, so unless we have objections...let's aim for those parameters.
So hope to see ya'll there

*although this is officially the 2nd gathering. A precursor to last night took place a last year...but due to Doug Marlette's untimely passing...Adam Cohen was not able to make it. Some of the folks that came were Paul F, Duane P, Dennis Draughon, and Nick Meglin; this gathering was filled with great stories, great drink, but only a smidgen of drawing. this worked well enough to lay the groundwork for last night and hopefully the many to follow.

~Marx Myth~

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